Upholstered Dining Bench: Attractive Seating

Upholstered dining bench – When you mention benches, most people conjure images of plain hard-wood seating, such as picnic and park benches. But there is a world of benches that many have never seen or imagined. There are backless benches, padded and upholstered them, skewer them with painted pictures, and some with under– seat storage. Any of these make for interesting, attractive seating.

Corner Upholstered Dining Bench

Some people think that upholstered dining bench are too casual for a formal dining room, but they can, with right design mix, making a beautiful, inviting table. There is also some debate about whether you should use a bench on one side, with chairs on opposite side, or a bench on both sides. Whichever you prefer, place host and hostess chairs at ends.

If you have a small dining room, use an upholstered dining bench to make room for more guests. In fact, you have room for nearly twice as many guests on a bench than you can with chairs. Benches can easily do double duty as extra seating in your living room. A useful idea is to build on a bench, with a pillow top and storage space, on a wall in your dining room. Banquette seating in a fancy restaurant or at home.if you’ve ever eaten at an exclusive restaurant and sitting along wall, then you know what a banquet is. For those of you who have not, is a banquet an upholstered bench with a back is against a wall. You can make it as simple or as luxurious as you want by using different fabrics to match or complement your chairs.

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12 Upholstered Dining Bench: Attractive Seating Photos

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