Unique Wagon Wheel Coffee Table

Hello everyone, now I’ll move and I redecorate my house is great, so I like to throw a question if anyone knows where can I find … This is wagon wheel coffee table of aged wood , style of photos but may be in different wood colors (white, brown, mahogany …).

Comfy Faux Sheepskin Rug

Add a rustic, western design feels in your home or garden is easy with a focus wagon wheel table. You can use a wagon wheel coffee table in your bedroom in your home, or place them at side fireplace in living or family room or even in a patio as a Western-inspired table with glass in it. Instead of looking for antique shops, you can build yourself. A cartwheel is easy to make, easy to maintain and is a fun craft activity can be finished in a few hours.

Use a wagon wheel coffee table of larger diameter than back by a rustic bench landscape (smaller wheels for chairs). They can be cut in half and incorporated in furniture design or set and is fastened behind chaits. Alternatively, place a heavy plank between two smaller wheels (one on each end) to a bench with curved arms. You will partially bury bottom of each wheel (or add a table straight through bottom) to prevent bank from tipping over.

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12 Unique Wagon Wheel Coffee Table Photos

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