Trunk Coffee Tables In Wonderful Looks!

A trunk with a flat top is another alternative to a coffee table. Trunk coffee tables often have an old will add a rustic touch to the room aspect. The piece comes with integrated storage under the lid. Use mountains whenever glasses are placed in the trunk surface to prevent damage to the wood. Look at garage sales or thrift stores for inexpensive logs you can refinish.

Modern Trunk Coffee Tables

Natural trunk coffee tables are an ideal way to bring nature into your home. Does not that sound exotic and appealing? The piece that evokes a feeling or creates a visual attraction is always a win-win.

But deciding what finish going with should be the first order for its palette of decoration. The trunk coffee tables can mean natural finish or dark light, but both provide a different atmosphere. I suggest that if you go for warm and welcoming, opt for darker finish. If the breeze is light and order, a tan white or serve you better. Keep finished be able to quote a cohesive look pulled-together where no part is vying for attention. Here’s a look at some of the finishes that you might like for your space according to their eye for style. Buy now!

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DIY Trunk Coffee Tables

If you haven’t much money to buy trunk coffee table, you can make it by yourself. Trunks make an excellent alternative to a traditional coffee table and they come in a variety of styles and are available from many different eras. As such, they fit into decorating styles as different as shabby chic and Asian.

Embrace the exotic potential strain by scouting out the antique shops of steamer trunks that still have the old travel stickers on them. Choose a stock that matches your decor. Although some decorating styles as shabby chic or country embrace the lighter look of an old trunk, you can choose a more modern style of the stem that fits into a more modern decorating style.

Paint the trunk if you want it to match your room’s color scheme. A cleansing type of paint will give it a more rustic style, while several layers of paint will give it some polish. For example, a pair of thick stock shiny red or black, it provides a lacquered appearance. You can use this type of strain in Asian-inspired rooms. Place a mat on the floor underneath to prevent scratching the floor. This is important if you have hardwood floors. Some of the old tribes have brass fittings that can scratch the wood because they are worn with age.

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Put it on the floor with one of the large, flat sides down. This will give more robust support because the tribes have often buckles and other barriers to keep them from laying flat on one side. Polish brass fittings and repair any broken leather straps if you want a more polished look. Consider decorate it further by adding some stencil and decoupage designs to the tribe. These decorative elements visual interest to the piece, but they are not expensive to do.

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