Trendy Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

Tufted ottoman coffee table is a dais decorated with tapestry technique known as tufting. Tufting is a large needle with thread through layers of fabric or foam to pass through; thereby forming a pattern patterned decorative surface coating. There are many different types of tufted ottomans. Some are simple footrest, while others can serve as storage units or coffee tables.

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Function of a tufted ottoman coffee table apart from other Ottoman which is decorated with formation of knots coating technique. Tufting involves using a large needle thread through thick layer of foam and fabric is good for a pillow, header or other decorative object.

In addition, tufted ottomans vary by function. Some are merely intended as a footrest, and are usually placed next to a chair, bench or other area. Others may serve as footrest and at same time carrying out a second function. Examples can be saved through removable blankets, while others shelves on which items such as magazines and DVDs can be saved. Large tufted ottomans can sometimes double as coffee tables, although irregularities on surface can make it difficult to maintain long, thin objects like glasses.

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A tufted ottoman coffee table can be upholstered in leather, velvet, corduroy, or many other materials. It can be coated from top to bottom, or have a padded foot rest that is set on a base or legs of wood, metal or other material. Moreover, tufted ottoman round, square, rectangular, or any number of other ways

12 Trendy Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table Photos

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