Stylish Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table

Upholstered ottoman coffee table – Buying new furniture pieces is not necessary when you can renew old. You will save some cash and furniture can be designed to suit your current decor and taste. With a little effort, turn coffee tables and ottomans into something that looks new and more functional. With a new layer of upholstery fabric, you can convert an old ottoman in a striking piece, or transform an old coffee table in functional seats with a little padding. Even beginners artisans can complete both projects in an afternoon.

Contemporary Fence Stain

Upholstered ottoman coffee table, Wipe any grease or dirt from the top of the table. Wipe down with alcohol so that the filling sticks better. Measure the length and width of the top of the coffee table, for the amount of upholstery fabric and padding you need. Place the upholstery fabric on a flat surface. Measure and mark the measurements with chalk on the foam padding. Place the upholstery fabric on the floor, right side down. Fold the fabric on the bottom of the foam padding and glue it in place. Apply adhesive along the section of the foam pad bottom edges and the center and at the top of the table.

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Upholstered Ottoman for upholstered ottoman coffee table, Remove the fabric of Ottoman, if it is dirty or broken. Measure the width and length of the ottoman, including upholstered sides. Add 12 inches to your measurements to allow enough fabric to attach to the bottom. Measure and cut upholstery fabric to size, according to your measurements. Turn the Ottoman face down on the fabric and adjustment for the same length of fabric on all sides.

12 Stylish Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table Photos

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