Special Ikea Hemnes Coffee Table, Check It!

I guess that by now most of you know I’m a fan of IKEA and especially ikea hemnes coffee table. I love almost everything in this series, first because it is a way quite economical to decorate our home and secondly because by having modular furniture and many measures can easily be adapted to any space.

Black Ikea Hemnes Coffee Table

I already talked a while of great cobbler Hemnes Ikea , which is good for its style and its small size in any space in our home or Divan Hemnes that at home we must love them all. Only I will tell my children to change their beds much more money, these couch with her eyes closed.

Today I am looking at taking advantage of furniture to change my living room and I have in mind ikea hemnes coffee table series, I wanted to show you pictures I’ve seen on net, on decorations rooms with furniture in this series. truth is that furniture of  Ikea Hemnes Series are a pretty good choice to decorate my room, plus they are smart with a timeless design, which over time will always look good in my room.

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Another thing that attracted me to ikea hemnes coffee table series is that it is made of solid wood, and his style fits well into any decor, whether modern or more classic. Besides all virtues that I have mentioned, this series has much auxiliary furniture such as coffee tables or auxiliary cable and organizers. It is very easy to adapt this furniture to our spaces, because you account with many individual pieces of different sizes joining them allow us to create solutions tailored to our home.

Above explained that ikea hemnes coffee table made of solid wood. So I think you need to know about pros and cons about it. While many people enjoy the look of wood, a solid wood tables also require a bit of maintenance to keep the wood in good shape. Another aesthetic benefit that can overcome this deficiency is that a solid wood table can be stained or painted to match the room if it is moved or if the room around the restyling.

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In most cases, a solid wood table rather heavy furniture, especially on the various pieces of wood used to create the table is thick and large. This can be a pro for people who want a very sturdy table. It may be a scam for people who need to move the coffee table on a regular basis. Some people need to organize their rooms on a regular basis, so they can be used for various purposes. It may also be necessary to move the table to clean the room properly.

Maintenance of timber can also be a big task, especially for solid wood coffee table is great. Not only do you need to clean and polish the wood on a regular basis, but you also have to protect it from stains and water marks. Some people do this by covering the upper part of their tables in a glass plate. This is a very useful method, making it much easier to protect the surface of a solid wood table. Having a large piece of glass cut to fit on top of a table can be expensive, however, and the ds significant weight to the table.

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One of the main advantages of a solid wood table is that if you take care of properly, is a piece of furniture that can last for life. In a position to serve a family for many years, but it can also be passed down as a family heirloom.

12 Special Ikea Hemnes Coffee Table, Check It! Photos

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