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Daybed with storage – Bedrooms are not always equipped with adequate storage for the items that may be needed. With a little extra work and a few supplies, you can create extra storage space in any bedroom, no matter how small. There is an abundance of storage space under the beds. There are commercially available rolling carriages to place under a bed. Non-roll storage containers, wooden boxes, or other container may also be used to store items under a bed.

Boys Daybed With Storage

If there seems to be enough space, use risers that lift height of the bed so even more daybed with storage space is available for high or unusually bulky items. Great linens folded or flat between the mattress and box springs. When the bed is amended, the sheets and pillow cases be on hand. Extra blankets can be folded inside the pillowcase for storage in the closet, or to making a guest bedroom. You can add a Footlocker or suitcase to the room furnished with pillows on top to keep bedding as well as create additional seating.

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Turn an old dresser drawer in an under daybed with storage drawer to store off-season clothes. Hold the drawer’s handle outward to push it in and out easier. Add wheels to the bottom of the trays, if desired, so that they can roll. You can also stick a label on the front of the drawers to identify the elements in them.

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