Slab Coffee Table In Beautiful Decoration

One of best decorations to decorate a slab coffee table is a tray. There are thousands of forms and models of trays, there are acrylic, wood, metal, round, blocks, rectangular … Get one you like and fits style of your living room will be a breeze.

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Plants and seasonal flowers are an ideal complement to any décor. Place a beautiful vase in a corner on pile of books and give that green and lively touch to your slab coffee table. You can also place other organic element on same books. One idea is to put a magnifying glass that has wooden handle, wood is just natural touch.

You must fill tray with objects of different sizes, specifically of different heights to create balance and harmony in design. Already you have one side of well-decorated now you get to balance other end tray. You can start with a large ceramic bowl, this is just a suggestion, it could also be made of metal or any material that matches rest of space. Then you have in tray high, medium and low elements. Allowing rock look around, being able to notice details that together achieve a special everything

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In my opinion, candles should not miss on slab coffee table. Candles are multifunctional; they are decorative, aromatic, and warm and naturally lit spaces, what more can you ask same object? So to balance design of coffee table, you can place a candle to your liking at other end of table that is out of tray. So you have table ready to surprise your guests.

12 Slab Coffee Table In Beautiful Decoration Photos

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