Secure Birdhouses For Plastic Fence Posts

Plastic fence – Birdhouses makes a welcome addition to any garden. They attract birds, they are often whimsical or quirky in style and with the weather and age, and they become a beloved peculiar to your backyard. Most bird feeders are designed to hang from a tree branch or stand on top of a game without attaching one to a fence post is also an option. If your fence is made of plastic, you will not be able to use nails or screws to mount a birdhouse, because they can cause permanent damage to the post. However, there is a simple solution.

Popular Plastic Fence Style

Secure birdhouses for plastic fence posts, Use a tape measure to determine the circumference of the plastic roof pillar. Wear gardening gloves, measuring a thread length equal to the perimeter of the fence post plus six inches. Make a pencil mark on the back of the birdhouse halfway between the base and the ceiling. Hold the piece of wire you cut so that the center of the cover pencil mark on the back of the birdhouse.

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Place the staple gun over the wire on the pencil mark, hold it so that the sharp points of the clip is inserted on each side of the cable. Apply a second staple about 2/1 inch to the right of the first one and a third stack about 1/2 inch to the left of the first. Install birdhouse by keeping it stapled portion flat against the plastic fence post. Bend the two ends of the wire around and on the back of the bar, and then tightly twist the two ends around and around each other with pliers. Wear gardening gloves to help you get a tight twist and hold birdhouse firmly in place.

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