Rustic Distressed Coffee Table

Rustic Distressed Coffee Table has a sense of character that is difficult to find new furniture. Areas where the life of a family struck the surface of the table, with scratches and stains and worn brands, are part of history that is difficult to replicate. Although you will not have an inheritance table to add to your home, you can distress a new coffee table to add that aura of family life.

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To rough surface of rustic distressed coffee table by hitting the surface with the tip of a screwdriver, a hammer, a choice of shells, rocks or anything that is showing wear. Sand down the table to soften the sharp edges created by painful new wood. Apply a base color stain by rubbing with a soft cloth using a circular motion.

Seal the rustic distressed coffee table surface with varnish or lacquer to prevent the spread of the base color stain. Add another layer of tinted finishing, Painting on the surface of the table and legs with a sponge applicator or a fine brush. Brush the finish with a fine brush! This finish will bring out the wood grain, but also the distressed look of the table while still giving it a smooth finish.

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Rustic Distressed Coffee Table Decor

Decorate the coffee table , also called coffee table is as important as any other part of the house as it is where most of the meetings between family and friends are made. It is true that with a house full of young children is harder to put your treasures on the table or because it bothers you to put pecking or quick dinner to see your favorite movie, but it should be borne in mind because it is what is see once you enter the room.

The rustic decor is a mix of modern design and tradition, natural materials such as stone and wood, with modern products and plastic.  The simple decor, mixed and provides a perfect balance between old and new. Wood, leather nature, fresh flowers don one of the essential elements for a decoration rustic coffee table style.

It is very common to find this style in the house where wooden furniture passed down from generation to generation which does not allow this characteristic rustic charm is lost.  If after seeing our images you are willing to give a rustic touch to your home can use vases of flowers and a wooden cabinet restored. The rustic style allows the use of a variety of materials besides wood can add to our house in the city furniture and ceramics rustic coffee table .

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The rustic style reminiscent of a rural setting, so the materials used to recreate the authentic rustic style are far from modern standards, which are usually cold and not very relaxing especially with regard to colors. But today we have decided to show that these two very different styles can be combined to perfection. Inspire our ideas today and enjoy a happy and harmonious home furniture and choosing the appropriate action to achieve effect fancy decorations.

12 Rustic Distressed Coffee Table Photos

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