Popular Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Laminate kitchen countertops became popular alternative linoleum after World War II. Although stone materials such as granite and marble have become popular laminate recover in as an affordable, yet elegant countertop material with several colors and patterns than ever. Even customize a laminate countertop to your exact specification costs less than stone or wood countertop surfaces.

Laminate Kitchen Countertops Black

Today you can buy laminate kitchen countertops that seem almost identical to stone countertops. Such laminates reproduce images of stone, showing all the veins and character of a stone plate. The surface can even be structured and finished to mimic natural materials like stone, slate and granite. Some laminates even go so far as to create small mines randomly entire surface to mimic those found on granite surfaces. While stone countertop colors vary depending on the piece of stone, laminate countertops are consistent, so buyers know exactly what they are buying.

Post-molded laminate kitchen countertops are one that includes backsplash and countertop in one piece. Typically with other countertop options, countertop installed and then a separate piece of laminate or other material is used as a backsplash. A strip of caulk and seal plug countertop and backsplash that can quickly get dirty. A single laminated piece maintains a clean look, and you do not have to worry about dirt accumulates at the seams.

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12 Popular Laminate Kitchen Countertops Photos

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