Platner Coffee Table By Noguchi Cyclone

Platner coffee table – Planter coffee tables the unique design of tables and recognized internationally are great for highlighting and personality to any room. Some more classic look with other more daring, but always with designs that make it clear that the hand of a professional table Noguchi Cyclone.

Platner Coffee Table Living Room

Work of Isamu Noguchi designer, the platner coffee table and cyclone table is named for the shape of your feet, on braided lines mimicking the movement of a cyclone. With modern and light look, adds a touch high tech to the ambiance. Saarinen table, tulip line of the architect Euro Saarinen, the Saarinen table can be oval or round top, and its base is rounded, smooth design.

Table Swan, table designed by the architect and designer Arne Jacobsen Danish, part of the Swan line, designed in the late 50. The line is characterized by the base, with single rod in the center and splits at the bottom in several horizontal feet. The name “Swan”, which means “swan”, comes from the resulting shape of this design of the base, which mimics the feet of swans along with the shape of the chairs that line, mimicking the wings. Platner coffee table and Vladimir Kalgan table, a table designed by designer Vladimir Kalgan, who received his name. Its main feature are the feet inspired by tree branches, with smooth lines and fine tips that give extreme lightness. Can be used as dining table or office.

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12 Platner Coffee Table By Noguchi Cyclone Photos

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