Padded Coffee Table Ideas

Ottomans padded coffee table is a great way to create in your additional living room. You can convert an old table on an ottoman and customize additional seats to match the rest of your decor. With a few simple ideas, you’ll be on your way to becoming a masterpiece of one of the same class of its own.

Upholstered Dining Bench Type

Create an ottoman built using a padded coffee table as a solid foundation for your project. Cut table legs about 4 inches high to create its Ottoman feet. Then build a wooden box about 12 inches high at the same size table surface. Secure the wooden box to the table rotating together from the bottom. Finishing its ottoman wrapping two layers of thick fabric batting and fabric of your choice with staples at the bottom of the table.

Padded coffee table, create an ottoman upholstered seat with a thick piece of foam upholstery. Buy a piece of plywood in his shop local home improvement and slightly larger than the size of your coffee table for a base of Ottoman court. Then cut a piece of thick foam upholstery 5 or 6 inches of the same size of your plywood base. Place the foam to the plywood and foam wrap your favorite fabric, fabric stapled to the plywood. Finishing its ottoman screwing the padded base for your coffee table from the bottom.

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12 Padded Coffee Table Ideas Photos

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