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Ottoman coffee table tray – Using the ottoman as a coffee table is a good option for those with children at home, and wobbly legs causing bumps and drops. a soft edge on the ottoman is much softer than most coffee tables.Do not use sharp glass surface to complete its Ottoman borders; will cut you or your furniture.Make sure your table ottoman stable to avoid spills and other accidents. A board or tray could leave a gap in the crush pad upholstery if left on the ottoman for long periods of time

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You ottoman functions primarily as a coffee table, you will want to establish a strong surface that coffee (or anything you do not want to shed). Place a large, heavy ottoman coffee table tray , preferably one with the handle off and edge high enough so that no one can dim the tray.

Start your ottoman with a serving tray. Placing ottoman coffee table tray a serving tray at the top of the ottoman is a fashionable way to change the bench ottoman or padded surface suitable for public house, material or even a nice vase of flowers reading. The trays come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles and materials, making it easy to find an interesting option that will enhance any decorating scheme.

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