New Trend Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Kitchen countertop ideas are one of the fundamental elements of it, both aesthetic and practical level. This is the work surface and, therefore, it is important to bear in mind the functionality of the chosen material, it has to be easy to clean and durable. But once solved this technical detail, begins the most difficult choice: style!

Wooden Kitchen Countertop Ideas

If the kitchens of large restaurants use countertops stainless steel … there must be! They are the cleanest, as this material has no pores, which facilitates maintenance. It allows you to merge kitchen countertop ideas with sink, eliminating joints. However, do not forget that this is a material with good conductivity, where the heat is kept, so you have to walk with eye when you put hot things on its surface.

And one of new trend is wood, after years of being banished from kitchens and bathrooms. Its main advantage is aesthetic: brings warmth and a cozy atmosphere to the kitchen. In addition, if you choose resistant woods such as teak, its durability will be higher. A wooden kitchen countertop ideas accuses the passage of time, but that does not have to be bad, because the scars of this material are part of its charm. Still, remember to protect it with waxes and lacquers.

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12 New Trend Kitchen Countertop Ideas Photos

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