Making An Output Coffee Table Ottoman

Coffee table ottoman – The ability to renew and reuse furniture is both profitable and ecologically ability to use. Turning an old door on a dining table, a sideboard transforming into a sideboard or make an ottoman out of a coffee table are simple projects.

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Making an output coffee table ottoman, finding an old coffee table that is an appropriate size for your ottoman. Thrift stores and garage sales can be goldmines for projects like this and you’re likely to pay only a few dollars to the coffee table. If the table has a glass top, remove the glass and replace it with a piece of plywood. Take the glass dimensions, including thickness, in supply store for the local home and go to cut the plywood to size for you. You can find the remaining supplies in a fabric store or discount store.

Cut a piece of foam to fit the top of the table with an electric knife. Knives or scissors regular craft not work as well in the foam as an electric knife. Sprinkle the top of the coffee table and firmly press adhesive foam to the surface of the coffee table ottoman. For making an output coffee table ottoman,  add foam 8 inches to the length and width to account for the sides and have enough left over to go below the table surface.

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