Making A Lifting Coffee Table

Lifting coffee table – The table gets up and pulls the person sitting, moving the surface of the table usable close proximity. Raised table will hold up to 30 pounds, depending on the hardware used, and some tapas are adjustable so you can adjust the height of exactly what you need.

Modern Lifting Coffee Table

To making a lifting coffee table, open the gates of the table and to remove any drawers. Look at the bottom of the tabletop to locate fasteners table. Slide tools along the sides to slowly separate the wood pieces. Remove the interior of all drawer boxes. Loosen the drawer rails from inside the coffee table. Apply construction adhesive to the back of the drawer face and the position of the face of the box on the outside of one side of the coffee table to look like the drawer is still functional. Read the installation requirements for the lifting mechanism.

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Use the manufacturers recommended in places marked on the mechanism fasteners. Make sure your bras do not penetrate the outside of the side parts of the table. Check mechanism height below the upper edge for proper alignment. Screw the mechanism in place within the coffee table. Individual mounting mechanisms may need to build a card holder 2 by 4 inches inside the table cavity center to support the mechanism.  Position of the lifting coffee table centered on the base. Place your arms at the bottom of the tabletop coffee using fasteners provided by the manufacturer.

12 Making A Lifting Coffee Table Photos

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