Make A Rectangle Coffee Table With A TV Magazine

Rectangle coffee table in your design style can be expensive and hard to find. If you want a new, stylish rectangle coffee table, but cannot settle on one you love, try to make your own. TV food trays may be a bit outdated, but you can update them easily into an original piece of furniture. Open both TV trays to a standing position. Mark how high you want your rectangle coffee table to be on the longer arm your carpenter’s square. Hold this mark to the bottom edge of one of your TV trays. Draw straight lines across the TV tray legs, shorter horizontal arm is located.

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Cut the legs of your hills along your pencil lines with an electric handsaw. Each set of cut pieces should have a horizontal support between them; cut off these supports and screw them in place between the newly carved legs on your TV trays. Cut a piece of fabric to the top of each TV tray about 2 inches longer and wider than the rectangle coffee table themselves. For example, if your trays measures 12 inches by 10 inches, cut two pieces of fabric 14 inches by 12 inches.

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Paint the top of each hill craft glass glue. Smooth the fabric on the hills, tucking the edges near the hilltops. Peel the adhesive backing from eight non-slip rubber dots. Place one at each corner of each TV tray. Open trays and place them about a foot from each other, parallel to each other. Top them with a glass rectangle coffee table. You can get these rectangles from your local hardware store.

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