Make A Padded Storage Bench

Padded storage bench – A storage bench is a useful piece of furniture. It is a convenient place to keep blankets in a living room or toys in a child’s bedroom. A padded storage bench does not only articles, but also acts as a chair or ottoman. Get two use a piece of furniture, it is important to save space, especially in the small living room where extra space is appreciated. Padded storage banks are not difficult to make, and the materials can be found in hardware stores and craft supply stores.

Padded Storage Bench Target

Make a padded storage bench; Cut a plywood board in half with saws, so you end up with two, 2-by-2 foot pieces. Sand all wood pieces with 220-grit sandpaper, and be sure to sand down any rough edges. This grit is coarse enough to make the wood smooth without scratching. A smooth surface will create a professional image if the bank is completed. Bring together the plywood plates to form a box. Start by placing one, 2-by-4 boards on a flat surface, then add all the sides and top to ensure a good fit.  Install the hinges by attaching the parts in the box and the last multiplexing in order to complete the cover. Install a pivotal three centimeters away from the edge of the penalty area. Repeat this for the hinges on the opposite side.

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Padded storage bench, Paint the box in your chosen style. Use glossy paint for a more durable finish and, if necessary, to use as a primer base. Paint the inside and outside, and wait for it to dry before you. Cover the body pillow with pillowcase and using a stitch to close the open end of the case. Install castors to make the bottom of the box moving easier. Drill holes in order to prevent wood splitting and installing suitable size screws. Buy a set of wheels with locks, so the box does not move when you sit on.

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