Make A Mid Century Couch Look Modern

Mid century couch – Mid century modern decor features very clean lines, pure colors and right angles. Buy new mid-century modern sofas can completely change the look of your home. Alternatively, adjust the appearance of sofas that you currently have to be more like mid-century modern sofas. Select options based on your budget and how much time you have to make the change.

Brown Mid Century Couch

Replace your sofa legs with mid century couch style for legs. These bones are often made of wood and are tapered. Some lean outward. Reupholster the couch with a color, or choose a solid color slipcover. Choose regular mid-century modern colors such as bright red, orange, yellow, or more subdued but still mid-century modern, such as gray or beige.

Tuft sofa to give it a more mid-century modern appeal. Button tufting helps sofa has a more modern and geometric look. You can switch tussock couch yourself or hire a professional upholsterer. Remove pillows from the mid century couch. Mid – century modern sofas were neat and rarely was styled with lots of pillows.

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12 Make A Mid Century Couch Look Modern Photos

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