Lucite Coffee Table Ideas

A Lucite coffee table, sometimes also called an acrylic coffee table, a lower table is made of a material called poly. This material experienced increased popularity periods bends and mod design highlights, but it can be used to create unique and traditional forms of furniture. Often, a Perspex coffee table will be crystal clear and no hard angles except at the edges of the Lucite plate. These items strive to look as if they flow and gently curved in the shape of the desired furniture. Although many items from Lucite be appreciated, it is possible tint, color of paint, or otherwise Lucite also.

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In most cases, a Perspex Lucite coffee table will be relatively strong and hard to damage. They are generally inexpensive, though tables designed by notable designers expensive than those purchased will be furniture stores. In many cases it is possible an interesting and unique Lucite table in a coffee shop or an antique furniture used storage, since this material has been for years.

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This material is combined for some Lucite projects with others to create certain effects. For example, the making of a coffee table by a wooden sheet on Lucite legs will appear to float the timber. The making of a Lucite coffee table on top can make a wooden base what is under the table in a focal point. One would place even a Perspex window in the middle of a wooden table to create a window to which is below.

12 Lucite Coffee Table Ideas Photos

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