Install Home Depot Kitchen Backsplash

Home Depot kitchen backsplash – Counseling from some friends in the trades leads me to Menards and Home Depot, where I picked out some laminate samples that will compliment the walls and appliances. At Home Depot the charge of the laminate sample, select and the selected edge is included. It was $ 7.00 per square foot uninstalled and $ 17.00 per square foot installed!

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The first thing you should do is to remove the existing sink and faucet. Turn off the water supply valves and disconnect all fittings supply and drainage. Disconnect the garbage disposal. Remove the existing countertop. We cut caulk around Home Depot kitchen backsplash with a utility knife, and then we would not rip drywall during removal. Remove the many screws holding the top of the cabinets and dishwasher. Remember to keep these screws.

Now you will put a new sink in position. The opening was a bit smaller than the sink and it had to be sharpened on one or two edges to enlarge it. Put waterproof caulk the edges of the sink before you drop it in and follow the instructions for installation Home Depot kitchen backsplash. Wipe the excess caulk that squished out while the sink was attached.

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