Ideas For Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting kitchen cabinets – Painting kitchen cabinets can be a quick and inexpensive way to refresh the image of this stay. But it is certainly more difficult to paint other types of furniture or surfaces, and usually, you have to remove doors, drawers and shelves to be able to paint each piece properly. Apart from that inconvenience there are no big differences between how to paint kitchen cabinets and do it with other surfaces. As in many other cases, the initial step is the cleaning and removal of traces of dust, grease or other debris, and once this is done, sanding is carried out. You will have to take each drawer, door or shelf and thoroughly sand it to prepare the surface and that can consistently grasp the paint that we are going to apply.

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In certain cases it may be necessary to apply a base layer to ensure a better grip of the paint. The paint that best results when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets is any that has an oil base, as it not only protects the surface, but also allows the cabinets to be easily cleaned, a very important aspect in the kitchen. Furniture of a room like this that is going to suffer the effect of fumes and splashes frequently. The paint can be applied by roller or brush, although special care must be taken when repainting kitchen cabinets the more complicated areas such as corners or edges. The layers must be thin so that there are no visible strokes that could spoil the final result

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Once the first layer is finished, a minimum of 4 hours should be allowed to dry before applying the next one, and repeat this operation at least 2 times to get the finish to be perfect, although in some cases up to 4 layers can be applied. With all this process completed, we would only have to reassemble the cabinets and observe with satisfaction the result of our work. Knowing how to repainting kitchen cabinets can save us a good amount of money, since it allows to renew the appearance of this stay and to extend the deadlines in which we have to replace it completely.

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