How To Refinishing Kitchen Cabinet

Refinishing kitchen cabinet – A simple repair or replacement of cabinet handles and repainting of the cabinet interiors can refresh the look of your kitchen. Collect the materials for refinishing kitchen cabinet; you must have a cloth, soap, drop cloth, a brush, oil-based paint, oil-based primer, a paint roller, new hinges, wood putty, a vacuum, new door handles, 100-grit sandpaper, a 60-grit sanding block and a cover tape for this activity. You can buy all these in hardware or home improvement stores.

Beautiful Refinishing Kitchen Cabinet

Prepare the kitchen cabinets for refinishing kitchen cabinet. Remove cabinet’s racks, door hinges, and all objects inside the cupboards and set them aside. Next, inspect the cabinets to repair the need for and correct them. It is better to repair cabinets first before coating them. Sand the kitchen cabinets. Put drop cloth on the floor and counters. This will make it easier to clean dust from the sanding. Use a 100-grit sandpaper to remove the cabinet old finish. For stubborn particles that are difficult to remove, use a 60 grit sanding block. When you are done, look for any holes in the kitchen cupboards and fill them with wood putty. Apply a coat of oil-based primer on kitchen cabinets and allow drying.

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Design ideas refinishing kitchen cabinet, replace the hinges and door handles. Insert the new hinges and door handles on the kitchen cabinets. You can easily clean paint buckets by lining them with aluminum foil. In this way you only need to lift the aluminum foil lining to dispose the remaining bits of paint. You can also make the paint clean up more convenient by placing newspapers on the floor and on the table where you are going to paint your kitchen cabinets.

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