Different Shades In Circular Coffee Table

Good morning friends, I hope you are fine, the day of today we will make an entry on the assembly of a circular coffee table in wood, we will make, from the beginning to the end, since the measures will put Then the timber can be varied, the important thing is that this this dry, so we have no problem to us tears wood or something similar, this late asked our friend Robertito, do it in two models, since I will table in two ways, one is glass cover other lidded timber within the timber anger glass, do it this way because if we do not want wood top, we can do it only with glass lid, this will be the taste of each one or us, as the glass cover it is much easier because it does not have to build any wood top, but if we want our furniture has wood top, so I will do.

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Friends that this entry was pending, as our friend Robertito, as our friend Celia, you want the shoe, I’m acquiring materials for the shoe, not beautiful friend Celia I’m already doing worry your order, if you want you make a piece of furniture in particular, just leave your comment and I will gladly make a coffee table is a piece of furniture, especially for the room, as this will put some ornaments in circular coffee table, the color also depends a lot from us, and I gave a vintage color, in our case we can give different shades, no problem about it, and good then appoints them the materials to use because it measures the woods the pus, as well as materials:

Named materials as tools, step ahead step by step to build our coffee table, during the entry, they will also see a way in which we can cut the legs of the table so we help a MDF the measures will give them during the entrance because as I said this table we are in two forms, one with glass lid and one with wooden lid, which wants these two the can make, I hope this entry it will be useful. In these images we have parts of our circular coffee table, because each piece of wood what name to start the inning, in this case what we do now, will be arming the mooring legs in the second picture we see that tried it a leg along with a tie, see what more continuous in the following images.

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