Decorate With Wrought Iron Fence Panels

Wrought iron fence panels – Decorative metal fence, whether with genuine wrought or more modern steel, has a characteristic ornamental quality which transmits light indoors setting. Forging is equally at home in a variety of styles, from shabby chic and cottage to the rustic decor. Use a gate or a single panel of fencing to create an accent in your home design.

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Decorate with wrought iron fence panels, Clean the metal with soap and water. Remove any rust with a stiff wire brush or coarse sandpaper. If there is paint on the metal, sand it for painting or removing it altogether with a chemical paint stripper. Brush or spray the metal and wait for the time specified by the instructions on the label. Remove loosened paint from the fence with a metal scraper. Use a copper scrub pad to remove the color from the small corners and crevices. Let the fence naked for a rustic look. If you choose to paint it, use a primer and paint with rust inhibitor.

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Prop fence behind your bed to form a headboard. Attach the fence to the wall with U-brackets for extra stability. Drill a starter hole in the stud in the wall and slide the U-bracket over the edge of the fence. Line the holes in the bracket with the hole in the wall and drive screws through all three holes, screw them tightly into the wall with a screwdriver. Repeat on the other side of the fence. A narrow gate or section of the fence can fit a twin-size bed, while a longer wrought iron fence panels works well for a double bed or along the side of a daybed.

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