Decor Kitchen Island With Stools

Kitchen Island With Stools – In any kitchen island it is an important element but it is much more in modern kitchens open style. Besides its practical function they meet them splitter element of the working and dining areas. But the islands themselves may also be an area where you can have breakfast, eat something light or even informally when we have no space for a dining area. If your island will include a dining area, the first step is to decide what height you want seats. For low stools height of the island should be 90 cm and 110 cm high. The kitchen island with stools is not just for the bars. They provide an extra seat to family members in growth and create a more dynamic environment. A wet bar with high stools usually adds some flexibility to the design. So the island can have two levels: the lower intended work area and top with kitchen island with stools for tasting. The intermediate step is also very convenient to locate outlets. The bars 90 cm can be used for middle seats between the typical bar stool chairs and table. Do not allow much flexibility in design, but they can be a good option to define good dining area.

Kitchen Island With Stools Small Design
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12 Decor Kitchen Island With Stools Photos

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