Coffee Table Trunks With Storage Best

Coffee table trunks – If you’re looking for a good cheap and easy to make your own coffee table so a table different coffee or a simple functional and well different for your home ornament, do not miss this great idea: let’s make a table with trunks and branches.

Coffee Table Trunks Black

To get down to work, we will need thin stems, the same length. Their thicknesses may vary, depending on the design you want for the table, but the important thing is that the long match almost perfectly. Coffee table trunks and if you want to make a larger table, you can calculate two trunks, joining them at their ends, nailing or below a central wooden structure. If you decide to make the table with a central structure, you will need five planks: four for the sides and one for the cover. If you want to place him at this table wheels or legs, then you may also need a plate to the lower base.

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If your idea is to make the table the size of the logs, simply place them on the floor, side by side, to achieve the “width” and “long” desired. Coffee table trunks and after creating this basis, linking them with hot glue, sewing them with wire, to let the firm side, we proceed to continue placing logs of various thicknesses to achieve the desired height.

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