Coffee Table For Different Looks Lovely

Good morning guys! This morning we share you, ideas for tree trunk coffee table. Often it happens to us to go down street and see a cut tree, who knows for what reasons, which usually leads us to think “poor tree” … idea of this post is to show some things we can do with these logs someone has cut at any time we encourage deforestation far; we are trying to recycle, give it a new utility that piece of lifeless tree.

White Tree Trunk Coffee Table

One of most common uses are given to these pieces of tree trunk coffee table is always useful side tables to decorate any small corner of our living room. But if there is something that we are loved coffee tables we can achieve with them. In many cases we will need help of a neighbor or friend who has a chainsaw to cut to size as they pretend to do.

If we are lucky to find a big trunk, we can cut it into several parts and get to work wonders. And if it’s one of those stale and very thick trunks we can do, with help of someone to move it, a table large and very comfortable center. Another option is to go to a carpenter to help us shape it. For example we’ve loved these tree trunk coffee table made with several trunks cut into cubes.

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12 Coffee Table For Different Looks Lovely Photos

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