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Round wicker coffee table can make an excellent table in any living room. A log can be used to store games, blankets or bedding for a sofa bed. Wicker is a versatile material that formal accents while also fitting room at any informal atmosphere. Wicker trunks are thus not only functional, but stylish and can be painted or stained to match any decor.

Protect Resin Wicker Dining Chairs

Round wicker coffee table, clean the trunk before use. Brush the inside of any dust or debris. Use a brush to dust and clean the exterior. Use a mild detergent or soap and warm water wicker wood if required additional cleaning. The trunk, if desired, with a painting of high-quality interior. This will facilitate subsequent cleaning easier trunk and help you last longer.

Round wicker coffee table, measure the available space in your living room for the trunk. Make sure not to obstruct the trunk gateway, or access to a chair or sofa. Take your trunk space you’ve allocated for it. Purchase a piece of measured tempered glass cut to the top of your trunk in a hardware store or home improvement to the top of the smooth trunk and provide stability as wicker is not a good surface for a drink or writing.

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Decorate your  coffee table is not complex as it seems, there are many styles for which you can choose if you want that fit your taste and your decor. Small details make the difference to create an elegant and tasteful table. You can opt for a minimalist style, an ornament; a design element keeps the decor clean, simple and elegant. On the other hand if you think an ornament is not enough you can place more items.

It combines various materials. A glass vase, wooden details as boxes or small boxes and a couple of books stacked perfectly. All these elements create an elegant and sophisticated coffee table. Place a rustic lamp in the center of your coffee table with a candle inside, will look good both day and night. If you prefer, you can put a dish as a garnish or an ashtray, this will give a contemporary style. Make your home a place of nature. You can place objects wood and a centerpiece with stones, will create a very natural and fresh decor.

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Flowers are an excellent choice when you want to decorate. We recommend placing delicate flowers, a color and with short stem, arrange them in a vase transparent, low and flat glass. You will make your table look very elegant. If your style is retro, opt for decorating with glass bottles of different shapes and sizes but the same color. Place on a wooden tray and you will achieve to have a table with an old touch and style. Why settle for a table if you can have two? Dare to play with the styles and place two small round tables that you can easily decorate. Candles are always a wise choice. Give a total twist to your coffee table. If ordinary tables not you like best, you can choose to place 4 white cylinders of different sizes to form your own table.

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