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Hall tree storage bench – A tree room makes a functional and attractive addition to your lobby or mud room. You can make your own decorative tree corridor includes an attached bank with minimal construction skills. Reuse an old wooden door or buying a new flat or paneled store house door. You can delete a step, if you have the wooden bench cut to size at the time of purchase; some wood supply stores offer this service for free, while others charge a minimal fee.

Hall Tree Storage Bench Uk

Hall tree storage bench, Sand the surfaces of the door and the wooden board. Prime and paint or stain the door unfinished, back and front. Primer is not required if the door had a previous finish. You can paint on a previously stained, after sanding surface. Finish 36 inches long by 15 inches wide by 2 inches thick wooden board and the two legs of the long table of 17 inches with the same finish as the door. A decorative L support on each side of the front door with wood screws. The flat section of the L should be perpendicular to the door 17 inches from the bottom of the door.

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Place the two legs of the decorative table at the bottom of the wooden panel, with one leg on each front corner. Fix the wooden panel from the top of the L-brackets with wood screws. Place the door in an upright position to ensure that the tree is level hallway. Sand the bottom of the two legs of the table as needed to level the hall tree. Place mirror tiles to the center of the upper half of the hall tree storage bench for added embellishment. Attach three decorative hooks in a vertical row on each side of the tile mirror. Space the hooks evenly. Place the pillow on the seat for comfort.

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