Bamboo Roman Shades: Ideal Options

Bamboo roman shades – One of most common types of window treatments are roman shades because they give you flexibility to control amount of light that enters room. Venetian blinds are often made of an aluminum material. They cast shadows on opposite walls, creating an interesting visual effect. Charlotte Wilson’s book “How to decorate” suggests that people avoid buying blinds in dark colors because they collect visible dust. Manufacturers do Venetian bonds that serve as dimmer switches for extra control amount of light that enters a room, when blinds are closed.

Bamboo Roman Shades Dining

Bamboo roman shades were named after a similar product that is used during Roman times. These blinds have a separate folder that can add luxury and elegance to your home. Shades are drawn closed or open a system of pull cords. Shadow rolls in horizontal creases of fabric are pulled manually to allow sunlight into room. There are two types of Roman shades: classic and flat, and their difference is way they look, when blinds are closed. A horizontal fold shows an overlap with classic Roman shades, and flat roman shades appear flat and smooth when closed.

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Bamboo roman shades are ideal for people looking for a sustainable window treatment with lots of visual appeal. These window shades are made of woven bamboo and complement rooms that use natural wood designs. Like other window shades, bamboo them is lowered and raised by a wire. Upper section of bamboo stalks used to create these durable shades, leaving plant roots unharmed. Bamboo shades and window treatments are a good choice for eco-friendly consumer.

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