Awesome Oval Glass Coffee Table

Oval glass coffee table –¬†also known as cocktail tables, serves decorative and practical purposes in living room.¬† Located within easy reach of main seating area, coffee table occupies a central place in home hospitality. Showing floral arrangements, art books and sculpture makes coffee table a focal point in home. Good design includes features that are safe, convenient and attractive.

Modern Oval Glass Coffee Table

Oval glass coffee table tends to show dust and fingerprints, and in busy households, may need to be cleaned daily. Because glass has such a hard edge and can chip, crack and break, avoid glass coffee tables in homes with children. Metal and metal-framed coffee table also has a hard edge. Design effects of both glass and metal have their place and functioning well in adult households. There are also designs combine materials, such as a wooden frame with a glass insert in middle of a cocktail table that does not require coasters.

Good Features in a oval glass coffee table includes a lower shelf and drawers. In a busy household, a small living room or any home where clutter tends to build up extra space helps room rate nicer. Lower shelf holds books and magazines. A drawer holds notepads, pens, crayons, small toys and remote controls out of sight when not in use. A coffee table with a cabinet in making a good choice in studios and small spaces, and for anyone who could use extra storage in living room.

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12 Awesome Oval Glass Coffee Table Photos

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