Appealing Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry kitchen cabinets – To get an elegant atmosphere to your kitchen; choose dark cabinet, which will present a warm and inviting atmosphere. Many cabinet manufacturers make darker colored cabinets of wood, such as cherry, maple, oak, hickory and alder. Each of these has their own qualities and can appeal to give your kitchen.

Wooden Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry is a deciduous tree that makes beautiful cabinets. It gives very rich looking, red-brown cabinets that usually darker with age and sunlight. Wood is usually smooth in texture and grain, though some cabinet can display large grain or knots in cherry wood. Cherry kitchen cabinets look great with any type of countertop, but natural stone such as granite, bring out elegant look of cherry. All colors countertop, dark or light, works well with cherries and a lighter toned hardwood floor would extend warm tones.

Maple is one of more popular types of wood for cabinets, and with its uniform color and smooth surface, making it sleek, sturdy cabinet. It is usually not as expensive as cherry kitchen cabinets, but still provides value for a similar look. A light color solid surface, corian type worktop with a dark color inlayed edge of countertop and backsplash with same dark colors make a good combination with your dark maple cabinets. Tie in a light tile floor with some dark tiles interspersed and you will have an award-winning kitchen.

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12 Appealing Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Photos

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